Outstanding Tourism Trends in 2023

It is important to delve into global tourism trends, which have developed over the last few years, and have been significantly influenced by factors such as global warming, the COVID-19 pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine and inflation, in addition to sociodemographic changes in the behavior of travelers.

In this new exploration, we will take a closer look at the most relevant trends in tourism through 2023, and how these various factors have shaped the industry.

The most general trend, since it affects most sectors of the economy, is sustainability. At this year’s tourism fairs (World Travel Market, FITUR, ITB and ATM) it was the main theme. Specifically, at the World Travel Market in London there were numerous talks and conferences on this subject, and the commitment of all destinations to the green trend was palpable.

Traveling consciously has become the new life motto of many passionate about tourism. This influences the choice of mode of transport, the business philosophy of the accommodation chosen and the activities carried out during the trip. Sustainability is an umbrella that covers the set of trends in tourism. As we explain them, you will understand the relationship that all those that come with this first one have.

Deseasonalization. It consists of promoting visits outside the high season, especially in beach destinations. In these places, as we see in all coastal destinations in Spain, the difference in tourists between summer and winter is enormous. This generates practices that are very unsustainable. The intensity of resources necessary to satisfy the masses of tourists in summer would be appeased if arrivals were distributed throughout the year.

A transition from quantity tourism to quality tourism is necessary. Seek demassification in order to also be able to offer a better experience to tourists. From there comes another of the new trends: the rise of luxury tourism.

Globalization, although little is still said about it, is bringing greater inequality of social classes, especially in developing countries. There is a new upper social class that is looking for unique and very exclusive experiences, distancing itself from mass tourism, even escaping from the traditional five-star hotels. The large hotel chains are launching new lines of business for the creation of very exclusive boutique hotels. They are usually small hotels, located in natural settings and where the guest can enjoy the tranquility of a remote environment and experience the culture and local products first hand.

Following this comes wellness and mental health tourism. It is fashionable to take group trips such as “spiritual retreat” in which one seeks to disconnect from routine in a natural environment. And just as some travel to disconnect from their routine, others carry their travel routine. They are the digital nomads, those who work remotely from any type of environment that allows it.

Many of them look for emerging destinations, as they are cheaper destinations where the duration of the stay can be extended. But not only digital nomads are looking for emerging destinations, this is a trend that also extends to the young millennial traveler profile.

Finally, we close with another trend that also encompasses all of the above: technological advances in the purchase journey. Most reservations for transport, accommodation and tourist activities are made through the internet, apps or tour operators. These platforms are working to offer a pleasant experience to the user, by knowing their preferences, personalizing the offer and simplifying the reservation processes. This forces the digitization of all actors in the tourism sector.

We have started with sustainability and we have finished with digitalization. These are the two most general trends that can be extended to other sectors, and among which are the other trends in international tourism. In this post we have not mentioned all of them since there are as many as there are existing niches.

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