Special Mention for our ‘Kingdom of Light’ campaign at WINA 2023

We are very proud to announce that we have received a prestigious Special Mention in the Outdoor category at this year’s Wina Festival. This recognition highlights the excellence and impact of the ‘Kingdom of Light’ campaign carried out by our agency for the Moroccan National Tourist Office.

The WINA Festival is an international advertising event that brings together the most creative and talented minds in the industry. In its 8th edition, the first ceremony was held in Dubai and we have had the honor of attending Irismedia along with other leading agencies from around the world.

The special mention in the Outdoor category is a reflection of the strategic approach and creativity that we have applied in the development of the ‘Kingdom of Light’ campaign. This campaign has managed to reach and exceed the established objectives, generating a significant impact on the target audience and obtaining tangible results such as positioning Morocco in 2022 in first place in the Top of Mind of international travelers among the world’s tourist destinations ahead of France, Spain, Italy and Turkey. In addition, that same year Moroccan tourism recovered 84% of 2019, compared to 63% internationally.

But it also managed to generate a greater emotional connection with Morocco for those who remember the campaign, improving 38% over the connection they feel for Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey.

We are grateful to everyone involved in the campaign’s success, as this achievement is only a small sample of the hard work, dedication and passion that drives our agency.

In addition to receiving the Special Mention, participation in the WINA 2023 Festival in Dubai has been an enriching experience for Irismedia. We have had the opportunity to exchange knowledge with other leading agencies, learn from the latest trends and make valuable connections within the industry. Without a doubt, we return not only with an award, but also with a series of exciting anecdotes to remember.

Success at WINA 2023 demonstrates Irismedia’s commitment to providing innovative and effective advertising solutions to our clients. We will continue to work hard to deliver campaigns that stand out for their effectiveness, impact, and measurable results.