Meme marketing or how to promote your brand through humour

Humour has been present in our lives for centuries, overcoming generational and cultural barriers and transcending linguistic and social horizons. It genuinely unites and connects people.

On a scientific level, humour has been proven to help reduce stress, stabilise mood, inspire creativity, help maintain hope… A sense of humour, without a doubt, has a revitalising function.

Companies are aware of these great benefits and have therefore wanted to incorporate it into their content strategies. Using memes as a fundamental tool in the content or advertising strategy.

But before delving into the concept of Meme Marketing, it is important to clarify what a meme is. According to the RAE it is an image, video or text, usually distorted for caricatural purposes, which is mainly disseminated through the Internet. It is important to know that aesthetics is not the most important thing in the world of memes, but rather what they intend to convey.

The use of meme marketing as a content strategy offers many advantages:

– It can simplify the information you want to convey: The concepts are embodied in an image or text fragment, this simplicity is what allows us to communicate ideas clearly and effectively.

– It facilitates the ability to retain the information: Memes stick to the memory more easily, as the mind tends to remember images and short messages more effectively than longer information.

Viralisation and dissemination of content: Their attractive format and ability to provoke emotional reactions means that users tend to share memes on different platforms. This rapid and widespread dissemination can lead to the content going viral, reaching much larger audiences than would be possible with other types of content.

– Memes are capable of increasing the engagement rate: their humour, irony, satire… make them a magnet for generating user participation.

– It is easy to produce content at little or no cost: Memes do not require a large amount of production time or resources. This allows them to be created quickly and cheaply, which makes it easier to increase brand presence in networks.

– In most cases, it generates a powerful brand recall: When a relevant meme is created that manages to connect with users, they associate the brand with the positive emotion that the meme gives them.

Connects with young audiences: Memes, for many young people, could be seen as a way of communicating with each other. Therefore, Meme Marketing could be a good strategy to establish a relationship with them.

It is important to clarify that not everything goes when it comes to publishing content on networks. There are limits that should not be crossed, such as respect for the person, their privacy, nor should humour be made of unfortunate situations. Making content of these aspects, apart from being unethical, can end up resulting in a brand crisis.

Trends are another important aspect, the brand must be attentive to emerging fashions and join them through a distinctive and original touch. Think about the message you want to convey and how it can be introduced in this channel.

Apparently, Meme Marketing may seem spontaneous and simple, but it is important that there is an analysis of the audience behind it, in order to be able to carry out a content strategy that is more suited to that audience.