Sports marketing, the curious birth of this trend

Dive into the exciting world of sports marketing! Discover how through sport, brands can sell products and services in a unique and captivating way. In this article, we will explore the fascinating origin of this current and show you how it has evolved over time.

Sports marketing is not limited only to elite athletes, first division teams or the most famous leagues. Even college athletes, school teams, and district clubs can be a part of this exciting strategy! Each brand sets its own goals and develops custom strategies to deliver its message in the most effective way possible.

Let’s go back in time and into the 1920s in the United States, when a handful of bold brands decided to ally themselves with Major League Baseball. The success obtained prompted the expansion of this practice throughout the continent and, finally, throughout the world, making it a common strategy in the field of marketing.

Later, in the 70s, the marketing of athletes began to flourish, and Nike and Adidas were the pioneer brands in delving into this new variant. However, the real revolution in sports marketing for athletes came from Nike and the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. Together, they brought the iconic Air Jordan collection to market, laying the foundation for player endorsement and creating a turning point in the industry.

The birth of the Internet was another great milestone in sports marketing by allowing the globalization of the actions of sports companies. But it was not until the 2000s, with the advent of social networks, when the dissemination of advertising content found its true potential for interaction and feedback. Thanks to this interaction, brands were able to know the needs of their customers, their opinions and tastes. Starting in 2010, social networks continued to evolve and improve their usability, introducing new concepts that fostered engagement with users.

Today, sports marketing triumphs in the digital world, but it does not forget the importance of physical environments. Although the digital world offers great opportunities, physical environments remain indispensable and extremely effective.

Today, sports brands are heavily focused on achieving optimal brand recognition, known as Brand Awareness. In addition to looking to sell, these brands also strive to create unforgettable experiences for fans. By appealing to emotions and establishing connections beyond the rational, greater interactivity and a stronger connection between the customer and the product are achieved.

In short, sports marketing is an exciting and constantly evolving discipline that uses the world of sports as a platform to effectively sell products and services. From its humble beginnings in the 1920s to today’s digital landscape, this stream has proven its ability to excite, connect and generate exceptional results for sports brands. Delve into this exciting universe and discover how sports marketing makes a difference!