The size of the ideas matters, not the screens

The reality of our world immerses us in the size of the screens. The big screen par excellence leads you to think about Cinema and how it has evolved as a means of entertainment (at the user level), and as an advertising media (at a professional level).

A support that offers a spectacularity that others cannot and that captivates the public in a very qualitative field. Everything in the dark, with attention focused on a screen that, at least, is around 4×2.

Currently, the spectacular has joined the experience; more comfortable armchairs, the possibility of having a restaurant service inside certain rooms, 3D screens, immersive experiences, etc.

Over the years, it has had to reinvent itself more than any other medium and has suffered the most. While Television as a media decreases around -3% and the Internet grows at a slower rate (+8%) and is a little more stagnant in this growth, Cinema experiences the highest growth in investment in the last four years ( +69%) and although it does not reach pre-pandemic levels, it is getting closer (more than €20MM investment in 2022 vs. 36.5MM in 2019).

Getting into more creative matters, some great filmmakers have combined both parts by offering true works of art. Currently and more closely linked to the Branded Content concept, many advertisers have created series, movies, and hired great actors and actresses that enrich the advertiser’s offer, with a story closer to a film production than to a spot:

Sanitas campaignTaking care of each other makes us Human by Isabel Coixet at the end of 2022.

Miniseries set at Christmas and inspired by real experiences telling the same story from different points of view through the characters.

ING campaign Nómadas by Ingrid García-Jonsson in 2022.

Testimonial documentary that talks about how the ability to adapt in the professional and personal field is marking a generation.

– Several of Estrella Damm’s Summer Campaigns, such as the 2015 campaign with Dakota Johnson and Quim Gutiérrez in 2015, Jean Reno and Laia Costa in 2016 or Mario Casas in 2021.

 Vale con Dakota Johnson y Quim Gutiérrez, dirigida por Alejandro Amenábar. Estrella Damm 2015 – YouTube

Las pequeñas cosas con Jean Reno y Laia Costa, dirigida por Alberto Rodríguez. Estrella Damm 2016 – YouTube

Amor a primera vista” con Mireia Oriol y Mario Casas. Estrella Damm 2021 – YouTube

To give more importance, this same year the first Shot awards have been held to reward the best spots for the best cinema, rewarding these “small” works of art.

These awards took place on March 16, by Cinerama, El Periódico de la Publicidad, 014 Media, Nebrija University and the Madrid Film Office of the Madrid City Council.

After a short list made up of 25 pieces presented and a jury made up of great professionals in the sector (creative agencies, media agencies, Madrid Film Office and Nebrija University) the following prizes were awarded:


Great pieces that make some of us remember why we decided to dedicate ourselves to this.



Desiree Sanchez

Customer Service Director